Stolen Moments - Kaye Photography

Stolen Moments

October 15th, 2014

I find my favorite images to be the ones that naturally happen and I am just lucky to witness it. Those natural moments that show your relationship and offer a hint of wonder.

These are a few images from my sessions this past week. They are moments that can’t be constructed or posed. Sometimes I tell a couple to kiss ;) even though I'm not looking for an image of them kissing.. Its that moment after they kiss. That glimpse of love as if it’s a visible tangible thing. Or that moment when you seat a family before they are told to smile at the camera when they are peacefully settling in to their surroundings together. Those in-between moments when they don't know I'm watching. These are the fleeting moments that I feel blessed to catch, the reasons I love doing what I do.

Thank you to all my families for letting me catch these moments for you <3

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